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Globalization and the Small Business Teleworker

The trend of globalization, and the need to connect remote employees, now touches nearly every segment of American business -- regardless of organization size or industry. Here’s a case in point.

Founded in January 2001, Illinois-based Kirix began as a data analysis specialist for the recovery audit industry. They've done a lot of data analysis and software development work in that time and have had a particular specialty in identifying duplicate payments and other overpayment errors in large corporate accounting systems.

More recently, by generalizing their tool set and incorporating Web connectivity into their software, they apply that analytical firepower to all kinds of data -- regardless of where it is located -- even data that's on the Web.

The Borderless Communication Challenge
Benjamin Williams, one of the company founders, had been planning to relocate to Germany. As a valuable asset to their corporation, Kirix wanted to retain his services, but wasn't sure how the international transition might work -- particularly with the potential latency of connecting a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone halfway around the world.

Kirix turned to Geckotech to provide a fully hosted communication solution to enable their corporation to utilize Ben's services overseas, without compromising the quality of their voice and data network.

In this scenario, one feature has proven to be very beneficial -- four-digit extension dialing. This enables simple "internal" calls by dialing the last four digits of a direct-dial number -- even if that employee works in a different country, in another continent.

Unified Communications for the Teleworker
By using Geckotech's outsourced IP phone system, Kirix has been able to retain a key employee while conducting business overseas. The corporation's staff has been pleasantly surprised by the actual quality and reliability of their voice and data network.

"Four-digit dialing to my co-workers from Germany is obviously tremendous, but the quality of service is unbelievable," marvels Mr. Williams. "All that was required was a DSL broadband connection and my Cisco phone and I was making perfectly clear calls to my U.S. office as if I was in the next room over."

As more companies entertain the idea of employing the best talent that's available globally, the demand for the out-tasking of multinational IT and networking services will escalate. It's efficient, it's effective and infinitely more flexible to adapt to the changing communication and collaboration needs of a geographically diverse organization.