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The Board of Directors Generative AI Vision

As stewards of your long-term competitiveness, are you boldly harnessing the artificial intelligence (AI) potential as a strategic catalyst for superior digital business growth? In an era of modern commercial disruption, harnessing AI technology is rapidly becoming the defining factor separating bold industry leaders from the fearful global market laggards. AI is a quintessential technology that, like past shifts such as the internet and cloud, will unlock transformational opportunities across every sector. For enterprises, strategically capitalizing on AI has become an imperative for reinvigorating competitiveness. While many companies have initiated AI pilot projects and limited use cases, haphazard and siloed efforts will not suffice. Boards must aspire for more -- catalyzing an enterprise-wide embrace of AI to reinvent their core business and uncover game-changing innovations. Realizing this vision requires AI leadership to extend from corporate strategy to ethical governance. It i