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Online Security in a Global Networked Economy

Because of the expanding growth and complexity of communication networking, and the risks presented by a new breed of skillful hackers, serious security threats are an unfortunate certainty within the highly interconnected office environment of today.

These threats are very real and the results are costly to those businesses that have been affected. Apparently, the victims aren't entirely at random, which is often assumed to be the case.

According to the 2007 CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey, almost one-fifth (18 percent) of those respondents who suffered one or more kinds of security incident further said they had suffered a "targeted attack" -- defined as a malware attack aimed exclusively at their organization or at organizations within a small subset of the general population.

Beyond the Virus Threat
Moreover, financial fraud overtook virus attacks as the source of the greatest financial losses. Virus losses, which had been the leading cause of loss for seven straight years, fell to second place.

In today's global marketplace, every business needs to be vigilant in pro-actively protecting its corporate assets. Gone are the days of simply scanning for viruses. Today a comprehensive, layered approach is required to secure the network and company resources from multiple types of threats.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable because they typically do not have expert resources on staff to ensure the network is secure, that regulatory compliance issues are being properly addressed, and that network monitoring and updates are effectively maintained 24 hours a day.

Alternative to the In-House Solution
Managed service providers can help SMBs secure their network by deploying a layered approach that uses various advanced technologies and solutions, protecting the network, and anticipating multiple types of potential security breaches -- from Trojan horse attacks and spyware, to data tampering and information theft.

Managed security services create a resilient multilayer defense:
  • Prevention -- proactively keeps the intrusions out
  • Detection -- identifies when an intrusion is occurring or has occurred
  • Response -- takes action to defeat a potential intrusion once detected
The advantage of working with a managed security provider is that services can be scaled to meet an organization's exact security requirements. This flexibility allows companies to minimize service outages and operational expenses, thereby reducing the overall financial impact.

The Challenge to Stay Current
Frankly, a large enterprise IT team can also benefit from an out-tasked network security solution, as the demands to ensure that in-house staff is staying current increases exponentially over time.

Ask a managed service provider to help you assess your security needs and design the best solution for your business. A comprehensive security audit is often the first step in this process.

By all means, be prepared for the unexpected, and keep your business safe. However, this is a complex task that's best left to the experts, while you free-up time to focus on your core business objectives.