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Non-Profit Gains Budget Relief for Telecom Needs

Non-profit organizations share many of the same communication challenges as other businesses. Their budgetary pressures can also create some unique situations, especially when you consider the scale of their ongoing outreach.

The Greater Illinois Chapter is one of over seventy Alzheimer's Association chapters serving communities across the United States. Currently, the Illinois chapter serves over half a million residents affected by the disease.

They're active in more than 60 counties in Illinois. Since 1980, the non-profit organization has provided information and support, as well as family services, for those affected by the disease. Staying connected to their numerous constituents, and the overall community, is essential.

Streamlining Communication Processes
As the chapter grew, they needed big business telecom functionality -- only on a non-profit budget. In the preparation to move into a new facility, the decision was made to replace their phone system. Managing six office sites, they needed a solution that would lessen the work load on their already strained small technical staff.

After evaluating several options for a voice and data network, the Alzheimer's Association selected Geckotech's SimpleVoIP phone service for its proven ability to deliver a reliable and highly flexible solution.

By utilizing a fully hosted service, the organization has gained additional functionality and operational efficiencies not available with their prior, and less capable, telephone system.

Communication Simplicity, by Design
By connecting all office locations over a common network, employees can use simplified four-digit dialing between locations. This inherent feature of the hosted solution has greatly reduced operating costs, by eliminating the expense of intra-company toll charges.

Geckotech's VoIP phones can be configured for hoteling (shared use), which is especially beneficial for volunteers who work in the office on a flexible schedule. Other features have enhanced ease of use -- such as an Automated Attendant that directs incoming callers to the correct department, call forwarding to mobile phones, and voicemail notification via email.

Resulting benefits from the changeover include a dedicated number and voicemail for the Special Events group, improved routing of incoming calls, free adds/moves/changes and access to a 24x7 technical support team at Geckotech.

Savvy Budgeting in a Tight Economy
These are trying times for non-profit organizations. However, meaningful budget relief -- and improved operational efficiency -- is possible for those organizations that make informed business technology decisions that are based upon a complete financial analysis of the alternatives.

The Alzheimer’s Association recognized a great return on investment with Geckotech's Hosted VoIP Phone service and their IT department has since enjoyed time spent on more pertinent projects, rather than babysitting the phone system.